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Institutional Initiatives

The Texas A&M University System’s new RELLIS Campus in Bryan, TX, is currently being developed on 2,000 acres only minutes from Texas A&M University. It will be the only combined center of research, education, and innovation of its kind in the state of Texas.

In addition to offering research space for an array of public and private partners to facilitate innovation, RELLIS will offer students an unparalleled environment for personal growth, research, and discovery. Through the RELLIS Academic Alliance, students will collaborate with and learn from industry experts on a premier, state-of-the-art campus designed to support the needs of Texas and a global community.

Several Texas A&M System universities and Blinn College, a prominent provider in community college education, will have a presence on the campus. Students begin their studies at Blinn College, and then continue their education seamlessly onsite with one of the A&M System institutions.

Career-focused educational opportunities will be available in business, criminal justice, biology and health sciences. Depending on the student’s course of study, there will be hands-on research opportunities available. Pending approvals, classes are slated to begin in fall 2018.

Additionally, the education programs through our partners at RELLIS are envisioned to be flexible for students to take courses from more than one university to fulfill degree plans, as well as provide opportunities to earn certificates through our workforce training programs.

The RELLIS Academic Alliance will serve as the model for the future of higher education. At RELLIS, we will innovate new technologies and products. We will educate the next generation of researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders. We will transform people, ideas and the world.

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