Collective Work

MapMyPath leverages technology to improve the postsecondary transfer process by providing increased transparency and clarity to students regarding the courses required for particular degree plans, highlighting recommended course sequences.

Although most undergraduate students earn credits from multiple institutions, undergraduate curricula and advising are primarily addressed within individual colleges and universities. There is dramatic variation in how institutions present information about curricula and transfer policies, making it difficult for students and advisers to understand, analyze, and compare program requirements. For students, this contributes to large numbers of courses taken and credits awarded that do not transfer or apply to degree or certificate programs. For policymakers, this presents a serious challenge to large-scale improvements in graduation rates. For students, their families, and the state, inefficient transfer and extended time-to-degree also translate into substantial cost.

MapMyPath is an initiative led by the Postsecondary Innovation Network to establish a framework for institutions of higher education to inform, empower, and support students by providing clear and efficient pathways to completion of undergraduate certificates and degrees, including transparent and accessible recommended higher education degree course sequences. Our two- and four-year partner higher education institutions will collaboratively design and sponsor a new data infrastructure and web-based tool to help students move through higher education more efficiently.

To support the development of an engaging, student-facing tool, the Texas OnCourse team will conduct user testing with students, with the aim of having student users from diverse backgrounds and contexts testing the MapMyPath prototype by January 2019. Texas OnCourse is an initiative led by UT Austin in partnership with the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Workforce Commission, and thousands of educators across the state of Texas to improve college and career advising.

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