Collective Work

We are committed to driving innovation to best serve students and the state. Our institutions act collaboratively to formulate policy solutions and implement programs that address challenges facing students and institutions and improve educational outcomes across Texas.


MapMyPath leverages technology to improve the postsecondary transfer process by providing increased transparency and clarity to students regarding the courses required for particular degree plans, highlighting recommended course sequences.

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OnRamps is an innovative dual enrollment and professional development initiative committed to improving college-readiness and completion outcomes across Texas.

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Reverse Transfer

The Texas Reverse Transfer Initiative (TRTI) provides a streamlined, scalable solution to aid institutions in awarding earned degrees to students based on credits awarded by multiple institutions.

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Innovation Accelerator 

Our institutions are committed to driving innovation in higher education by engaging in meaningful conversations with each other and with state policymakers and by informing institutional and state policy deliberations to increase the number and diversity of Texans holding high-quality certificates and degrees.

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Stay In Touch

The Postsecondary Innovation Network is committed to innovation and collaboration to enhance educational opportunity and success for Texas students. Please subscribe to receive periodic updates about our collective work, institutional innovations and current policy issues.